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Power Trip Dakota gloves.

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Gas Man said:
Wockman... which do you prefer/suggest. I need a set BAD!!! Somin that works down to about 30...
I picked up a pair of these just for the non racer look but yet still very comfy and warm.

Item: Power Trip Dakota Glove

Our Price! $62.99
MSRP: $69.99

Drum-dyed leather outer. 100% waterproof Dry Tech mid-liner. Gel palm. Thermolite insulation. Hook and loop wrist strap. Rain wiper on thumb.
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I just noticed the price.:yikes: I know I didn't pay that much:nonod: but, I do get a good discount at my parts counter.:D
R1up0n1 said:
well what did you come home with GM?:tt:
:withstupi :tt:
I think you will like the PT's. Just thick enough to know you have'em on but still not a big thick snow glove. The gel palms are nice for the bar buzz but you don't have to worry about that now.
R1up0n1 said:
Refer to post 1
R1up0n1 said:
those aren't the actual ones he bought tho.
There not the actual ones I bought either but still same thing.
Gas Man said:
So yeah..Jeeps you have em?
Yep! I found them on a fluke. The Power Trip Dakotas get a good review from me.
I was out on the chopper with only my summer gloves and before I made it across town in the 40+ day. My hands where slightly frozen. I stopped in the shop and tried on about a dozen different styles and brands. I didn't even know what I bought till latter that day when a friend was complaining about his hand and asked what gloves I had. I've put a few miles on them now with all bikes and the keep my hands warm and aren't real bulky. As a Matter of fact. I have some race gloves that aren't as warm and are more bulky.
Split this thread from the Icon thread.
I wore mine the other day in 60+ temps. They may be ok for warmer weather too but, I think Ill be looking for some good non-sport summer gloves too.

Cold weather is coming...
Good bump! :dthumb:
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Cold weather sucks and Im so glad I only have to endure a couple of months of the 30s and lower.
Yeah no doubt!! But gear surely helps!
True Dat!

Come to PA during Nov-April pal.
I try to avoid it. I'm in Cleveland Oh. twice a week. It doesn't get much worse.
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