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Presidential Debates

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Since we are all talking abou the debate. What did you all think of the one the other night with Bush and Kerry? I watched it and liked it. I am a Republican by nature. However, I am all for Kerry this term.

Anyways, what did you think of it? I thought both parties did an excellent job but Kerry won it this time. 2 more debates to go and it is all still up in the air for both of them. Either one could win this.
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If your going to move my post you might as well move about half of the post in this thread seeing how they were talking about a debate too. :D
Aaron said:
i dont know, but i dont want a president that cant form a complete sentence!

Bush is out then. LOL He was funny on the debate not able to say full sentences. When Kerry was talking and the cameras were moved over to show Bush, now that was priceless. The dumbfounded looks he had had me rolling. Now that put alot of confidence in america. :D

Here is a example of what I mean. Does he have a damn clue what to say as a rebuttal. It doesn't look like it. :D
Just incase you don't get or understand how smart GW is. I will show you 2 more pics and what was said from the debate. :D
I know everyone that is all up in the debate and election $hit is going to have something to say which is all good. I don't mind. We all have are own opinions and that is fine. :D
LOL I like the pics Saint. Nice ones. Where did you find those. I like the football with Bush and Kerry looking like he is trying to catch it. :)
Aaron said:
i want a president that can ride on two wheels. isnt that important? lol

Ask and you shall receive.
This is Priceless. I love it. :lol: :dthumb:
I love this thread. I know Matt knows I am for Kerry but I don't mind ppl bashing him in here. Its all for fun and we all have our own opinions. :D
double2000r6 said:
I think our billboard designer needs to design me another billboard. We will flood the highways and byways with MP in 08!

I can make anything you need for the election. You tell me what you want it to say and its done. :D
double2000r6 said:
You have the right attitude and the free price tag is a bonus - you're hired.. lol.. For your invaluable contribution to the new world order you shall have a seat at the right hand of the table in the VIP section. You may personally slap all my bitches at anytime for any or no reason. lol..

Thats what I'm talking about. Thats why I am voting for you. :dthumb:
Need4Speed750 said:
:iagree: :iagree: :iagree: you know mudpuppy..that head table is beginning to a bit some room for me :lol:

I don't think he will forget about you Matt. LOL ;)
:phat: :lol: :dthumb: :lol: :lols:

WOW I never thought this thread would get to this level when I started it. hehehehe I bet it gets up to 10 pages by the time Nov. gets here. :lol:
Need4Speed750 said:
Why do you think I was leary about us starting this in the first place. hence the me staying outta this convo for the most part.. im normally mild mannered, and easy going..but politics creates too much tension and bad blood...

Thats why I haven't said to much in here about it myself. You know I could go on and on about it as we did one night before. LOL If everyone wants to then fine. Its all good. :)
double2000r6 said:
or that "Snap into a slim jim" dude - what is his name? Leeeeettt's get reeeeaddddy to rummmmmbbbblllleee!

Do you mean "Macho Man" Randy Savage?? I think so. His and Hogan going at it again would be sweet. Lets vote for them instead. :lol:
double2000r6 said:
Yeah that's it. Yeah let's all vote for some obscure individual.. lol..

I think we can use him as a bodygaurd for you. What do you think? :D
rockadaous said:
ok guys got another one
funny stuff

Seen that one before. Its a classic. :)
We have all been saying Bush this and Kerry that. Lets just say the hell with it and all vote for Nader. :lol:
Pigface1 said:
....I miss Perot. . "Now here's the deal, see. . " :(

LOL That and the damn size of his ears. He could fly with them bad boys. :lol:
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