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Presidential Debates

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Since we are all talking abou the debate. What did you all think of the one the other night with Bush and Kerry? I watched it and liked it. I am a Republican by nature. However, I am all for Kerry this term.

Anyways, what did you think of it? I thought both parties did an excellent job but Kerry won it this time. 2 more debates to go and it is all still up in the air for both of them. Either one could win this.
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Vote for whomever in 04 - I would recommend Bush but that is my opinion. In 08 we are taking back the white house fo sizzle my nizzles.. Here is what Monica has to say:
GSXR750DJ said:
Ask and you shall receive.
Hilarous - That billboard rules! I got the advertising peepz on the phone right now and they are going nuts! lol.. The master plan is coming together nicely.. In 08 there will be a chicken or steak (your choice - broccoli for you non meat eating mfrs) and there will be an Yamaha or Suzuki or Kaw or Honda or whatever your choice of bike in EVERY garage. Air at gas stations will once again be FREE like it should be - DAMN YOU AKMED I DON'T HAVE FIFTY F'ING CENTS! I NEED AIR GD!!!! Since we are talking politics and the master plan and all let me let you in on a little secret - We will soon be called the United Continent of America. Because in 08 we are taking over Canada first then Mexico, we napalm Central America because it is useless and then proceed to South America so we have the whole continent. Then we start shipping convicts and cocaine all over the world to weaken the other countries for eventual world domination. Be at ready my mignons - our day in the sun is yet to come. (Insert evil laughter here).

I am Mudpuppy and I have approved this message mfr.
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No you got it. Make the rest of the world cokeheads by giving them free and cheap coke straight from our newly founded state, let's just call it Columbia for arguement's sake and when they all get hooked we cut them off and ATTACK! or we ship a bunch more coke and then ATTACK! No you will not be speaking French anymore you non-backing us up pompous bastards. Oh you want a hit frenchie? Too f'ing bad - take your methadone and like it. I hope you enjoy those DTs kind of like our troops enjoyed getting killed by themselves. Yes sir it is all coming together now. Anti-freeze back in the wine in France. The new White House in the middle of Detroit. The rest of the world working to support us for once while we reap all the benefits. Eat your groul and LIKE IT! Get back to work. We need more Ferraris and plasma tvs damnit. lol.. Ah life will be good in 08.
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I think our billboard designer needs to design me another billboard. We will flood the highways and byways with MP in 08!
GSXR750DJ said:
I can make anything you need for the election. You tell me what you want it to say and its done. :D
You have the right attitude and the free price tag is a bonus - you're hired.. lol.. For your invaluable contribution to the new world order you shall have a seat at the right hand of the table in the VIP section. You may personally slap all my bitches at anytime for any or no reason. lol..
Amen Saint. You too my friend will have a seat at the head table. lol..

Seriously though he is right - so what are we supposed to do cower in fear and say ok please don't hijack anymore planes or blow anything else up? We will do whatever you want. All the bs going on now is desperate measures by desperate men because their time is short. They are putting on a show. So they kill like 1 of ours for every 2,000 of theirs we kill - seems like they are fighting a way losing battle. I don't agree with the protracted end of it and some of the issues - such as blood for oil, etc. but that is not the point. Let's see what did Clinton do? "We will hunt down those responsible" and then he smoked a pre-dipped cigar. Wohoo! Good thing he took "so much" action. What did Bush do? He launched planes and boats and kicked some ass. Let me try and figure out who I want in office, at least for the next four years before me - um no hard decision there. I don't want some panzy creating another artificial economy so the bottom can drop out again and then pulling all our troops out to make a bigger mess. Oh and the job thing - who signed the NAFTA agreement? Clinton. That is all. Now go vote for Bush, over.

I am Mudpuppy and I have approved this and many more messages.
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Those pimping pics are great..

No worries there will be plenty of room at the table for all of you.
jetskifast said:
Do you remember original reason Bush gave for going into Iraq?
All have been proven false. No WMD, no terrorist threat from Iraq.
More than a few Americans start to get bent out of shape when 1000+ Americans start coming home in body bags, thanks to Mr. Bush's lies to American people :sob:
America has no business being worlds police force in Middle East. Israel can take care of themself or sink. With all the $billions American tax payers give Israel, now Israel is getting American lives in the form of dead military personal :sob:
Maybe you should open your eyes, start seeing real truth :smash: Not Bush's brain washed fuzzy dream world.
I think we all know why we are in the middle east - it is no secret and nobody, including Bush and his "alleged" lies, is fooling anyone. Everything you say is emotional and democratic filled unfounded propaganda that doesn't add up to spit. So let me ask you this - In the 8 years that Clinton was president how many military bases were shut down? Quite a few my friend - let's say 15% just to guess low. How much money was spent on counter-terrorism? What did Clinton do about the threats to our country's security? You have to open your eyes and see that Clinton's 8 years in office did a whole lot of damage - you don't spend 8 years in there and then when Bush takes over *poof* it changes - laws and policies that took effect are still in effect today - the repercussions are not always readily apparent - they may take 6 months, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years. Thanks to Clinton's Anti-Military approach we were attacked on 9-11. Thanks to Clinton talking **** about "hunting those responsible" and then not backing it up we were attacked. Since Bush went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq how many terrorist attacks have happened in our country? Try ZERO. Yes part of the reason / excuse was WMD but also a part was because they, and let me repeat what Bush said and backed up - no country that is aiding or harboring terrorists will be left alone we will go after them, were supporting terrorism, their leader was butchering his own people and the UN didn't have the balls to do anything about it. So the CIA says their are WMD and relays that to the President so he reacts. The info may have been wrong. But you have to remember he was not acting on his own accord he was acting based upon military intelligence and information given to him by our government - Democrats and Republicans alike. So before you start throwing that whole 1,000 person figure out there or the whole WMD thing think about who is truly to blame for that. Ok and then even better would you rather have 1,000 dead soldiers dying doing their job protecting our freedom or would you rather have millions of dead american citizens on our own soil because we took the Democratic Clinton / John Kerry waffling stance and said things that we never intended to follow throw and terrorists attacked us in our weakened closing down bases democratic fat dumb happy oblvious state?

You are the one living in a dream world. One of their sheep that buys into their bullsh!t. Open your mind, get all the facts and think a little for yourself. Quit believing what you see on tv and the bs propaganda that they so readily spoon feed you.

Yes that will definately be my new Presidential Seal but in Team Yamaha Blue!
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Oh and I forgot to add that by constantly using the 1,000 troop number for your propaganda is a disgrace to the men and women who are over their fighting and who have died for this country. You are disrespecting their great contribution to this great nation. They did not die in vain and they did not die to be remembered simply as a statistic used for political gain. Shame on you.
Don't worry help is on the way!
lol on the liberals thing - good point. Now I know they are good for something.. :D
Too funny Rock. I like the hacked up pics as well - either side - Kerry or Bush. They are just plain hilarous.

I am with you Gasman - but one correction - not communist democrats that would be facist communist democrats. Anyone who pulls the race card for political gain using hearsay and allegations that cannot be substantiated is an a-hole - hence we have John Kerry. The guy is just such a waffling a-hole - how can anyone vote for him? If he was a Republican I would vote Democrat and that is saying ALOT. Just the fact that he hung with Hanoi Jane in Vietnam is enough to make me hate him - damn facist communist pig. Yeah sure let's piss on the graves of the soldiers who died for our country - stupid bastard. By the way he will be the first on deported when I take over as leader of the free world.

I am Mudpuppy beotch and I have approved this message aiight????
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or that "Snap into a slim jim" dude - what is his name? Leeeeettt's get reeeeaddddy to rummmmmbbbblllleee!
GSXR750DJ said:
Do you mean "Macho Man" Randy Savage?? I think so. His and Hogan going at it again would be sweet. Lets vote for them instead. :lol:
Yeah that's it. Yeah let's all vote for some obscure individual.. lol..
Need4Speed750 said:
u have to run that by Pig first, he's in charge of security in the new realm!
Yes, Pig would have to approve being he is the new Secretary of Defense.
Hey Pig first order of business is to bomb people as a show of might - I was thinking Northern Canada, Cuba, France, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland and Mexico. That should get some people's attention. That will be my start to a new "foreign relations" program... lol..
I will have to confer with me people and get back to you.. Ok I have conferred with myself, er my people, and we have decided you should be Secretary of Energy and Transportation, unless there is another position that you think is better.
Pigface1 said:
Hmmmm. . I think we can leave Mexico alone, they're cool and mind their own business.

Where does UC Berkley fit into the scenario? :here:
Ok Mexico we will leave alone. UC Berkley fits wherever you want them to - why you want to bomb them too? Go for it.
The funniest thing is Kerry "reinventing the wheel". He has all these plans but can't define any of them. He is going to wave his wand and fix the world. If Kerry is elected it will be disasterous for this country. I love the fact that he brings up "we had a surplus" before Bush went into office. Yeah and that was before the Nafta agreement really showed its true effects, an agreement Clinton signed. That doesn't take into account that Clinton pretty much vetoed all military spending and shut down bases. 6 month Navy ship tours that police the waters of the world turned back after 2 weeks because there was no budget for fuel. My brother-in-law, a Marine - SEMPER FI, could not buy a fugging screw to fix his LAV - why? No money in the budget. So there was a false surplus and in fact it was no surplus at all because they didn't "pay the bills" so to speaks. So yeah there is a deficeit now because there was 8 years of neglect to make up for. Maybe this is a good example - I sh!t on your kitchen table and then criticize you for not cleaning it the proper way or using the proper cleaning agent and I sue you because I ate a dinner you supplied out of your pocket and I got sick from my own feces - that is the waffling bullsh!t that Kerry is guilty of. Clinton is responsible for 9-11 and the recession, both of which I feel Bush has handled very well considering the circumstances. Bush was handed 100 lbs of sh!t and a 5 lb bag and he is making it work - not all at once or overnight or some fairy tale government like Clinton or Kerry seem to think works. Yeah maybe for a little while but the bottom is going to fall out sooner or later. Thank God for George W. Bush to be here for us when the bottom did fall out and to make the right decisions.

I am Mudpuppy and I have approved this message.

W. in 04 and MP in 08. Peace, out.
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jetskifast said:
Your use of words true idiot, absolute moron when posting about Kerry, shows far right brain washing, which maybe irreversible :yesnod:
Sorry to see far right has poisoned your mind :(
Since you have sheep illness. No positive posts about Kerry will ever make it into your brain :smash: Baaaaaa :lol:
By the way, you can call me Eric :thumbs:
And your post has any substance or meaning how? By "labeling" Saint you are accomplishing what? Please my Kerry loving fellow poster lay out Kerry's plan and why you feel he is the better choice - I am ALL ears.
twisty said:
Kerry can lick my sack!!! Motorcyclist for Bush
Amen Twisty. Kerry can s**k my fu**ing d*ck and like it! He probably would too dumb arse. You just have got to love the name bush. There is busch beer (spelled definately sounds same - cheap but effective beer - I have headed to the mountains on a budget before), that nice bush in front of your house that is nice landscaping, George W. and then of course there is my favorite bush of all - bush. lol.. A vote for Kerry most definately is questionable as far as your sexual preference. lol.. A vote for Nader is just a waste - if I thought he could get elected I would vote for him but he doesn't have a chance. So I would waste my vote and then Kerry would win by 1 and I would be pissed. No thanks.
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