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Presidential Debates

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Since we are all talking abou the debate. What did you all think of the one the other night with Bush and Kerry? I watched it and liked it. I am a Republican by nature. However, I am all for Kerry this term.

Anyways, what did you think of it? I thought both parties did an excellent job but Kerry won it this time. 2 more debates to go and it is all still up in the air for both of them. Either one could win this.
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Pigface1 said:
Sorry Shan, you knew it wouldn't take long for Saint and I to lose it. . :lol:

It's good to be passionate about something; just keep it civil and it's all good. :cheers:
Pigface1 said:
I wouldn't waste a squirt of piss if Kerry was on fire. I think he's a traitor for what he did when he came back from Viet Nam, and I think he's a piece of ****.

Please feel free to express yourself, don't feel as though you need to hold back. :D
jetskifast said:
By the way, you can call me Eric :thumbs:

I know you're not referring to me. :bash:
jetskifast said:
Jetskifast = Eric ;)
Donot let that name Saint mislead you. The guy is a Sushi eating trouble maker :D

Not me... :skep:
1 - 6 of 168 Posts
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