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I have some questions. I have a 2004 zx-6r.

1 - Whenever I turn on the key it makes a strange noise that sounds like its coming from the fuel pump. It is kind of like a rattling sound. Is this normal??

2 - Whenever I am cruising and then pull in the clutch the rpm's drop below 1500(idle) and it sometimes dies. It also has a very choppy idle. What could cause this.

3 - Is it normal for my bike to be knocking?

4 - My bike has the 4 year good times extended warrenty. I purchased this bike used about a month ago. Can I take it in to the dealer to be repaired since I bought it used, or do I have to have the warrenty paper work or something??

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1 - You should hear the fuel pump prime, but it will be a quick buzz/whine not a rattle. You will also hear the exhaust valve self test, that could rattle if there is a problem.

2 - Sounds like an issue with the ram air, either something is not connected properly or you have a sensor not functioning correctly.

3 - I have heard complaints of the 636 being loud, someone that has heard a few can tell you if the noise is normal.

4 - IIRC, the warranty is transferable but there is a process you need to go through. I can look into it if you need but your best bet is to go to the local dealer you plan on using for service. The thing to remember about warranty is that it is there to protect you against a manufacturing defect. If the problems you are experiencing are the result of abuse, improper maintenance, or crash damage...they won't be covered under warranty.

5 - Welcome to the board.


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:welcome: Gravity...

Listen to Larry... he runs a Kawasaki dealer!

Good info on your first post...much better than most.

#3.... describe the knocking better.

#2.... that might be normal for the FI... they tend to drop RPM's faster than carbs. Has it always done this?

#1... like Larry says... have somebody else turn the key on while you stick your head under the bike and see if it's the exhaust valve...which should be between the header and the elbow..before the can.

Let us know...
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