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Pro's & Cons Gsxr 750 vs Busa Needed

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I'm Trading Up My 02 Gsxr 750 for the 05 limited edition busa. A couple of my pals are telling me I won't be happy with the trade becouse the busa is very sloppy in handling compared to the 750. They said it's like having someone in the back with ya. I'm just tired of being beat by the Busa. I get passed by them at 160 like I'm standing still. Will I regret making the trade ? Any input will help. Thanks :cry:
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a great sport tourer bike
Great way to put it! I personally can't stand them for this reason along with Busadisease. If you travel down the h/w alot and don't care about cornering then go for it!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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