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Pro's & Cons Gsxr 750 vs Busa Needed

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I'm Trading Up My 02 Gsxr 750 for the 05 limited edition busa. A couple of my pals are telling me I won't be happy with the trade becouse the busa is very sloppy in handling compared to the 750. They said it's like having someone in the back with ya. I'm just tired of being beat by the Busa. I get passed by them at 160 like I'm standing still. Will I regret making the trade ? Any input will help. Thanks :cry:
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twisty said:
Well since they dont make the GSXR 1100 anymore, I would think you would want the Gsxr 1000. It has awsome handling and 1/4 mile time are faster than the busa. The busa is a pig but does handle very well in the corners not as well as GSXR of any kind but it will hold its own as Jeeps said. One of my buddies races one in the GT1 class and does pretty good. If you like big and powerful I would say get it. If you like compact and powerful try GSXR or(yuck) a R1.
:iagree: The busa torque is awesome and if your ride fwy's most of the time they're fine, don't get me wrong they handle very well, but if you like to canyon carve, the GSXR 1000 is 100 plus lbs lighter and that's a world of difference.

I've owned my 'busa over 4 yrs and if the GSXR 1000 was out back then...I would have purchased one of those.

Really, how often are you riding over 160 mph?
14funs750 said:
You would be surprised. I have 16 miles of straight expressway to work & back everyday No traffic there and very light traffic on the return trip home. I would say in a average work week In the summer I get into at least 2 races that go over 150 not including the weekend :pat:
That must be nice (no traffic)...rush hour is 24/7 in Cali anymore. :puke:

Don't get me wrong I love my 'busa...sometimes I just think the lighter GSXR-1000 would be nice....

There's an idea, maybe I should keep the 'busa and buy the 1000 too.... :lol: thanks :lol:
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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