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I've been wearing UnderArmor for awhile now when I play hockey and now under my leather jacket. 100% polyester works great at "wicking" away moisture, particularly important for cooling when you live in a high-humidity climate like me.

I saw and was wondering if anyone had experience with them? Their site doesn't say it's made of polyester (kind of a taboo fabric post-leisure suits :)), but I'm assuming it is?

Regardless of what it's made of, they've piqued my interest. Anyone have experience with this product?
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Yeah, Polyester blends are more and more helps keep the cost of making the item down, but adds a degree of durability to it. Now just be keeping the cost of production down, doenst mean that you get that savings passed on to you though :ack: :lol:
2WT definately has some hotties :drool:
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