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Purple Oil

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Im In Iraq Right Now And I Cant Keep Up With All The Products But My Family Is Using Some Type Of Purple Oil In The Bikes I Would Like To Know If Any One Knows The Whole Product Name Or Website
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jeeps84 said:
Most likely Royal Purple. Its been around for a while and works.

I can tell you from experience the 15-40 synthetic for diesels burns injectors on fords anyways Back when i had a 99 f-350 I ran that oil and I would burn out an injector every 2 or 3 weeks. It definitely gave the truck more power for sure I believe there is a fuel content in the oil itself which is why it kept burning injectors. Just sharing my experience!
jeeps84 said:
No oil near injectors on a bike or a diesels.:nonod: :sorry: You had another issue.
It was there full synthetic 15-40w for diesels.

Remember diesels use oil! Different kind of combustion than gas. Im sure you knew that!
I was just giving feedback of my experience with Royal Purple and by the sound of Gas Man's experience with another one of their products, Royal Purple is not a brand I would put my confidence behind.

Oh and when I discontinued use the problem went away!:scratch:

So I don't know jeeps!!
Well the way I was thinking the oil is still coated in the cylinder wall and has a fuel content which is flammable, which is igniting and creating a much hotter scenario as far as the injectors go.:sorry: :jacked:
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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