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R6 and HotBodies Undertail...

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I've had this HotBodies Undertail/fender eliminator for a long time now. Hotbodies gave crizzapy instructions on installation and everything so I was wondering if anyone can give me a STEP-BY-STEP set of instructions that are virtually idiota proof.

I asked my friend to do it for me but he said not until MAYBE this weekend. I can't wait that long cause I gotta ride the bike. As you all know, I got my plates stolen so I figure that I can ride with the undertail and then the cops will have to look for a plate rather than seeing this big, black gawdy looking thing that you KNOW a plate is supposed to be on.


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What year is the R6?
Is this an undertail exhaust? Or just an undertail? If it's not exhaust, then I don't honestly see why you wasted your money. The stock undertail is nice and smooth with good lines. Plus it's an absolute cake walk to create your own fender eliminator for this bike. I'm wondering what all is involved in replacing the stock undertail. Do you know how to remove the stock undertail? It's simple. Take off the rear seat and unscrew the four allen head bolts. Then take a small flat head screw driver and pop out the centers of the six large plastic "rivets" on the undertail and remove those "rivets". Then take a pen or small allen wrench and push in the centers on the two plastic "rivets" at the front section of the undertail and remove those "rivets". Be careful that you don't drop any and lose them. Now it's just a matter of disconnecting wiring. The license plate light wires just pull loose and the rest is connectors. You'll have to do some splicing for signals, but I honestly don't know what and where because I've never seen the hotbodies undertail or their wiring. I still think you should send it back, buy the clear alternatives tail light with integrated signals from speedwerks and then create your own $5 fender eliminator. JMHO
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Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. The brake light didn't install into the hotbodies in the same fashion that it installed in the stock setup? That sucks.
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