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R6 and HotBodies Undertail...

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I've had this HotBodies Undertail/fender eliminator for a long time now. Hotbodies gave crizzapy instructions on installation and everything so I was wondering if anyone can give me a STEP-BY-STEP set of instructions that are virtually idiota proof.

I asked my friend to do it for me but he said not until MAYBE this weekend. I can't wait that long cause I gotta ride the bike. As you all know, I got my plates stolen so I figure that I can ride with the undertail and then the cops will have to look for a plate rather than seeing this big, black gawdy looking thing that you KNOW a plate is supposed to be on.


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First off let's see some damn pics and links to it...then maybe we can figure out something.

Also, contact Hotbodies, tell them their instructions blow nuts and you need something better. They might have some suggestions.
Pics of everything... off the site...your bike...everything...
I have found that most of your desent undertails are direct bolt up.

Usually you have to remove your tail section, and stock undertail. It looks like it retains your stock lights so that makes it a bit better.

Cut the stock wiring for the turns and wire up the new undertail turns. Unless they came with neat little connectors.

Mount the new undertail and place the tail section back over the subframe. Then attach the undertail to the tail section...

That is sort of the way I did my undertail.
Looks awesome and I would check with SW on mounting that tail light. silicone may work but I'd go with something more like a mount... fab something up!
No silicone might do it, but get some good clear stuff and do it on the inside so that you don't see it from the back...
Well :luck: with that Graff... and make sure you take some pics of the whole thing and post em up!
jeeps84 said:
That's so you can mount the plate where you want it.
I only like the side mounts on cruiser for my self. They get in the way while corning.

Don't do that! I had to drill my undertail for the same reason... It's no biggie. Or just mount it way up under the rear towards the front of the tire...that way nobody can see it and you won't have to worry about illumination there either!
So did this get messed up in the low side?
Well he also said something about getting a black tail... but it will look kinda wierd with a red undertail.
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