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R6 and HotBodies Undertail...

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I've had this HotBodies Undertail/fender eliminator for a long time now. Hotbodies gave crizzapy instructions on installation and everything so I was wondering if anyone can give me a STEP-BY-STEP set of instructions that are virtually idiota proof.

I asked my friend to do it for me but he said not until MAYBE this weekend. I can't wait that long cause I gotta ride the bike. As you all know, I got my plates stolen so I figure that I can ride with the undertail and then the cops will have to look for a plate rather than seeing this big, black gawdy looking thing that you KNOW a plate is supposed to be on.


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bumblebee said:
Yeah but virtually idiot-proof won't help you... :lol:

Thanks, appreciate that one.
Captain Morgan said:
What year is the R6?
2005... I don't wanna pay the dealer to do it cause they want like $175.00 for an hours worth of work. Saying that I have to pay for heat shrink tubing and special connectors to put the blinker lights back working. I told them that these 'special connectors' had better be plated in gold and give me a bj while I ride. said:
Just so you know, installing undertails like that are a pain in the ass, and we'd charge 2 hours just for the aggrevation factor (ok, so that's only $90 in our world, and we actually wouldn't charge that unless it was a pain like a Busa and it took that long - You don't even want to try that one ... trust me).

Get thee a dremel with a cutting wheel, and hope for the best! :D

- Roach

Are you serious Roach? The dealer I took it to said it would take them like 5hr-6hrs to do it. I was like, "That's an entire day!" Hotbodies provides "instructions", if that is what you want to call it, but they don't say much considering they are only like 2 paragraphs for the entire installation process.
It's just the undertail with the LED blinkers. I got it cause I didn't want to go out and buy smaller blinkers for it. I liked the way that it looks. You can barely see the blinkers during the day though (saw it on someones bike around here) but at night it looks decent. Plus, I got it from support 'em and Laura gave me a good deal on it.

I don't like the undertail exhaust, or at least the way it looks on the R6.

Thanks for the tips on the installation though.
Gas Man said:
First off let's see some damn pics and links to it...then maybe we can figure out something.

Also, contact Hotbodies, tell them their instructions blow nuts and you need something better. They might have some suggestions.

1. Pictures of the undertail? or the bike tail section and new undertail?

2. I've tried to call Hotbodies, at Laura Roachs' advice, they didn't answer. She told me to call them cause the tails were on backorder for like 3 months when I wanted mine.
Gas Man said:
Pics of everything... off the site...your bike...everything...

Here is the undertail that I got, bought from

Pictures of the bike, well, nothing upclose and it's dark out so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.
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Thanks again Captain... Gonna go install it today.
Well, I installed it last night. Took a decent time cause I will have to cut - modify it a little bit. I used the connectors that have like a "male-female" part to them. I'd post a picture but can't seem to find one.

The only issue that I'm having is keeping the brake light in it's place. My friend looked at it and said that the little like "U" shape on the top of the brake light may have to be cut off. HotBodies only give you like three strips of double-sided stick tape to hold the brakelight in which does not secure it a whole lot.

So I'm gonna take it off, cut that off, then put like clear silicon around it then hold the brakelight in to the silicon.

Advised? Not advised? Anyone with any history of installing, please help.

Pictures will post later today.
Captain Morgan said:
Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. The brake light didn't install into the hotbodies in the same fashion that it installed in the stock setup? That sucks.

No, it didn't. The stock one had like three little things that plastic rivets plugged the tail light in to not make it able to move. The Hotbodies one didn't have that. I was going to see if Speedwerks knew anything about this or could talk to whoever and see if that is like with all the 2005 R6 ones.

Any ways, here's the pictures of it. I don't think it's that bad for a first installation on the bike being as though I popped my cherrie on installs on this one:
Quality pictures right? I think the camera is really good at that.

Now I just gotta figure out where I'm gonna put the plates. Maybe bolt 'em to the helmet so they won't get stolen! :dthumb: :lol:

Joke, joke. I think I'm gonna put it down by the rear shock some place or see how much the ones to put it by the chain are.
Gas Man said:
Looks awesome and I would check with SW on mounting that tail light. silicone may work but I'd go with something more like a mount... fab something up!

Don't really have the resources to do that. I was thinking about maybe taking it off and cutting the mounts from the original then trying to like Lock-Tight glue it in there. Figure that would be a good ghetto rig!

I was doing the silcon cause there is about 1/4-1/2" spacing between the plastic and the light so I wanted to make it waterproof in the event I am riding in the rain or I wash the bike. Don't wanna short it out. Ya know?
That's what I was going to do. Get like CLEAR silicon or the "Lock-Tight" stuff so that it stays there. The silicon that I'd use is like the stuff they put on your car windshield so that it "glues" it there.

Plus, I figure if I use clear, after it dries, I can take like an exacto knife and carefully slice away anything that seaped out of the rear tail by the light and plastic.
Well, I fixed it. Remounted the tail light and used clear SiliconII that was only like $3.00 for a tube of it. I'll post pictures as soon as the rain stops.
jeeps84 said:
Didn't the HB tail come with a plat bracket?

It came with like two cheap "L" brackets that you have to drill into the undertail to mount the plate. They are not joined so you have to be really careful when you mount it. I didn't use it. They are just sitting in the tool box. I'm gonna order a holder that mounts the plate like by the back sprocket/chain that way I don't have to worry about illumination!
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