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R6 Availability

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My question is about the R6. I am curious as to what the availability is like towards the end of the season for an 05. Or is it better to buy an 06 when the season ends. Thanks
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Yeah, the 05 R6s are moving like hotcakes. The dealer that I got mine at sold out the afternoon that I put my down payment on. They said they are not expecting any more in. Another dealer in town is expecting like two in the beginning of June and that's it. The only thing that you can do if the dealer by you doesn't have them, is to see if the dealer can trade with another out of state or something like that.
Danger H said:
Well, If I can't get my hands on an R6, then I'll go for the GSXR 600. I need to get a few things in order before I can lay out the cash on a bike. :twfrox:

Have fun with that GSXR man, I've been told that they are not very good to have for like a first bike. My friend has a Katana 750 and he still can't drive it and he's had it longer than I have had my R6. I know a guy here that is selling a worked over 01 GSX-R750. I don't think he's selling it for too much either, too bad you ain't around here, I'd introduce you to him so you can like get a used one instead and learn on that and it wouldn't matter if you dropped it as opposed to a brand new one.

Good luck though. I'd still go with the Honda and just buy an aftermarket seat for it.

zx636r said:
in august you should be able to walk out with an 05 anythign for under 8k Out the door price, thats tax tags title and everythign it costs you to walk out the door with the bike.

This is very true. I was thinking about doing the same but couldn't wait. Cause then I'd just end up getting a 2006 the DAY THEY CAME OUT!
Danger H said:
Well, I figure by then, I should be in the position to aquire a bike, if not, I'll just get one in the winter of 06. I need to move somewhere like AZ where I would be able to ride year round, LOL.

That's why I'm in El Paso, Texas. I get to ride the bike like 11months out of the year. That'll get it's use out of it. Who knows. Might even buy like an R1 or a different liter bike when I get used to this one in like two years. Turn the R6 into a racer if I can't sell it for a decent amount. Probably just turn it into a racer though.
Danger H said:
Thanks Gas Man, I'll keep ya posted, my girl doesn't want me to get a bike though, well she is going to be a lil upset, but she will get over it.
Yeah, I'm waiting to hear from someone on here that starts a thread, "What to do when the wife/fiance/girlfriend says to you, "It's either the bike or me?""
I thought that I saw something on that before. Thanks for finding it Gas Man.
Gas Man said:
Yep it helps out that I'm a :whore:

Gas Man,

I wonder what would you do if like ShaMan made it so that you couldn't post for like an entire day?

Is there such as thing as like, "Posting withdrawl"? What are the symptoms? How do you get over it?

Joking...Joking... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Danger H said:
I think my thread has been :jacked:

I'm sorry Danger H, I didn't mean to. :sorry:
I bought my 04 R6 last year in August a month or two before the 05's rolled out. They got me for 7999.

That's only $200 less than what I just bought my 2005 for.
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