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R6 Availability

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My question is about the R6. I am curious as to what the availability is like towards the end of the season for an 05. Or is it better to buy an 06 when the season ends. Thanks
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zx636r said:
in august you should be able to walk out with an 05 anythign for under 8k Out the door price, thats tax tags title and everythign it costs you to walk out the door with the bike.
Not in CA :sob:

The R6 has been the most popular 600cc sportbike as opposed to the GXSR600 which you'll find a lot of them laying around in the show room along with a few of the Honda 600RR. You'll have a better chance of finding and getting a better deal with the Suzuki.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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