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R6 raven as first bike

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What are your thoughts?
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I have two friends that started riding this year, both on modern 600's. (04 636 and 04 R6)

They have both gone down in corners making silly new guy mistakes. Minor lowsides, but still, had they been on a smaller bike or late 90's/early 00's 600 I doubt it would have happened the same way in either case, but ya never know. Whatever you decide, I suggest buying used if at all possible.
He's just speaking in general... of when new riders come in here, ask a question, and then don't like the answers they recieve. Its just kinda half expected now most of the time.

Get what you want though, be careful, take it slow, and don't do anything stupid :D

You'll probably be fine.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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