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R6 raven as first bike

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What are your thoughts?
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Be very very careful. Other wish it is sexy to look at and runs like a champ.
Glad we could help. :dthumb:
Gas Man said:
But I think most people will agree that you want to do these things..

1) get a used bike
2) nothing bigger than a a 600 I4 or 650 V-twin
3) take a MSF coarse

bmparis said:
1) im looking at a new bike (dont want someone elses issues)
If you find a used bike that looks to be in good shape. They usually are. Today's bikes (90' and up) are almost bullet proof.
bmparis said:
3) will probably be a ninja 650r or zzr600
Good choices. :dthumb:
I think those tell tell signs are more obvious on bikes. Allot of people will not replace thing like scuffed leavers, bar ends, pegs and other little things. All of which can be damaged in driveway tip overs. Its had to mess up the major mechanical stuff with out replacing it with new or at least used working stuff. I would only be really concerned when buying a wrecked and/or salvage bike.
bumblebee said:
I think you should go buy what you want. You obviously have little or no experience with bikes, so you aren't going to listen to the experienced riders here. Sometimes, you have to skin your own knees.
So sad but, for so many. Its very true. :disapp:
1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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