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R6 raven as first bike

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What are your thoughts?
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My first bike is an R6 and it is still fun. You gotta respect it though.
I guess some people don't know that modern 600's can do 160+...+ on a good day. Like me, a lot of people have to finance their bikes. My thoughts were: Why finance a used bike when I'm gonna get sick of it fairly soon and I'll still owe too much on it to get a new one. So getting a new bike isn't a bad idea. You just gotta watch your ass and take it REAL slow at first. Also it's kind of intimidating going out riding with people that are good you try to keep up...BAD mistake. It costed my buddy a broken ankle for doing that. take it slow on your Raven (when/if you get it).
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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