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R6 raven as first bike

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What are your thoughts?
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No Worries said:
And I wanted a Corvette as my first car. But then the reality of finances, insurance, fuel costs, inexperience, speeding tickets, and maintenance set in. I got an old 240Z, which was more fun and street-friendly.

The R6 is a race bike. There are many other black bikes that would be more fun and friendly on the streets.

Good Call. I wouldnt want a brand new (or close to it) bike as my first anyway. Its probably going to get trashed. I'd rather make a $3,000 mistake than a $10,000 one.

Sweet bike though. Taht new R6 is something to look forward to in the future for me :yesnod: :drool:
Gas Man said:
Respecting it is the biggest problem with newbies. The "Oh, it's only a 600" attitude just doesn't fly anymore. It will go wicked fast and kill you!

:iagree: I found that out when I took the MSF course. When you ride 2 different sized bikes (a 250cc to a 600cc), it really puts things in perspective. Most new riders dont realize that a 600cc bike is fast and powerful enough to turn a small mistake into a large one. :2cents: fortunately, the TWF members here respect thier bikes :D
bmparis said:
1) i agree, just dont wanna :)
2) check and done!
3) check and done!

I can understand why you would want a new bike. I purchased mine used and damaged with intentions to make small repairs and have it up and running. Boy, was I WRONG!!! A few hidden problems and $1800 later, I have a functional bike.
However, if I were to do it again, I would still buy used. But with my new knowledge, I would do a way better job of inspection. Plus since my bike is not exactly new, the insurance is cheaper. If you get a new bike, its not going to be the cheapest. But its your decision. Just hope you have the $$$ to cough up for the new bike!

Also, glad you took the MSF course, best money you can spend on a bike. :luck: man!
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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