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Race Tech Springs

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i got my new front springs in today. I'm stocked... Now im debating weather to just pay the shop to put em in or to buy a front stand and do it myself... its gonna be a hell of a job for someone who doesnt know anything about the internals. But eitehr way im happy.. another week or two and ill have my Free street design tail too, the bike is gonna be nice and ready for this spring riding season.

How long does it take to lift the front up, pull the forks, respring and oil em and reinstall on inverted cartridge forks?
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Pick up some Redline stands... about $100 for both stands and they work well enough. Never had a problem with mine.
I used my rear stand and a hydraulic car jack witha piece of wood under the motor. Worked great!
ScottSellersUNR said:
But ill have to look into the redline stnads, thats pretty cheap and at 10 bucks or moe a tire chane i could pay for it in a year or so of tire changes.

Yeah, thats what I figured when I picked them up. They come unpainted, thats what saves some of the costs, and so you can paint them whatever color you want.. Mine became High Temp engine paint, flat black, because that is what I had a can of in the garage :D
Also, most Japanese bikes are sprung for Japanese riders.. Small, 130-140ish lb average, so unless you fit that profile, you are probably going to need stiffer springs.
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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