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rear tire conversion

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Hey there I am new to the board just want to start by saying what's up to everyone. Here's the deal I have a 1992 suzuki gsxr1100 I owned this bike for about 10years now and I think its long overdue for a make-over. I did some searching and found a 240 conversion kit from these guys Before I even think about tackling a project this size I am trying to get as much info as possible. Could some of you enlighten me on the difficulty level of this conversion, and if at all possible link me to some websites guiding you through the install? Any help will go a long way. Thanks for your help.
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It looks like it would be as easy as swapping out the swing arm. Not sure about your bike, but as long as it isn't something stupid like a 954 it would be time consuming but not hard.

I'll explain the 954 comment... on a 954 the swingarm actually bolts thru the frame and the tranny with it's bolt/axle. Meaning that if you want to remove the swingarm you have to do so in a larger pain in the arse!

Other than that, it looks like:
Swap out swing arm
Swap out front sprocket
And the simple step of re-mounting the rear tire to the new swing arm.

Should only need the basic tools OTHER THAN!!! a chain breaker tool. Which you may need to install a replacable link for the chain...if they go with some nice chain like a DiD. I don't see it on the price list, so if it doesn't come with one, I will suggest the DiD chains.

Search TWF for chains...and you'll find tons of good info on that subject!

Let us know what you come up with!

O, and WELCOME!!
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Heck the peeps at OCC and other chopper guys are putting 300's on the back of those bikes!! Yikes, could you imagine buying a 300 rear tire!!! YIKES!!
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