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I just found out I'm deploying over to the desert for 4 months. Anybody have any recommendations as to what I should do to my bike before I leave? Disconnect the battery...anything?
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Oil Change

the idea of the oild change BEFORE storage is b/c oil after use can become slightly acidic... just easier on everything to avoid that situation.. but chaigng it after would be pointless isnce its unused oil... i dont go on the 3mo/3000 hting... oil doesnt go bad.....its not a Tweenky...wait those dont expire either... k its not milk. I changed mine before sotrage but it has aobut 3,500 miles on the opil.. needs the change anyways, i try to do it bout 2 times as often as the manual calls for. just ofr protection to reduce wear
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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