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Red light runner

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Late for school??!!! you've gotta be jokin!! :rant: putting you life on the line, or the life of others in this case, just to make it to school on time...these kind of needless, worthless, could-have-been-prevented accidents just really piss me off. :cursin:

But...oh but..if the rider had been riding too fast and caused the accident, there would have been a full page article about the type of bike he was riding, how fast he was going, why, where, when, and the dangers of motorcycling in general, etc......ok I'll stop now...another rider has fallen due to blatant stupidity!!

Yeah, whats the penalty for being late to school these days...a slap on the wrist ?? :cursin: :cursin:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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