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red lite camera

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here in az we have red lite cameras it takes a foto of ur face and if it doesnt get it then u can usually get off

so i just ride with my helmet and mirror shield and they never prove its me!!!!!! :loser:
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light cameras

in NV photoradar is not legal to be used. They do set up stings ALL THE TIME to catch ppl not allowing padestrians to cross, keep a motors cop on each corner hidden and have a undercover try to cross the street, if u dont yeild u get nailed. But luckiy no photoradar, cuz in NV, EVERYONE including cops runs lights. If its yellow speed up, long as u get inot the intersection within about a half a sec after red. Guess thats why the delay form red to the other sides green is so long.
Its just common here.
The pedestrian thing is where they nail like 50 ppl a day for in Reno. moslty cars im sure. NV has a pretyt much NO chase policy with bikes, and cars most the time
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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