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Red Sox are on a tear

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Sox are starting to come together, looking good after slapping around the "best team in baseball" the chicago white sox, for two games ,,,,,,,,,still a few problem areas with pitching but once Faulk gets back in the closer role and shilling gets back in the rotation , well be firing on all cylenders......... :dthumb:
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I was at the game on Saturday against the ChiSox. Hell of a game. Schill likes to F with people...if we don't give him a 5 run lead, he'll blow the game. Don't worry though fellow Sox fans...he'll be back to his form when it counts.

Sox again to the series. And whoever said no one can beat the Sox in a 7 game series is very wise. :cheers:
If Schill pitches the way he did last year in the playoffs he can weigh in at 3 bills for all I care. Just get us back to the Series Curt.
pickle.of.doom said:
LOL... at least tiger games are still finding ways to keep the fans entertained :D

Yeah, the Sox have a way of keeping their fan's's called BEING IN FIRST PLACE & BEING THE WORLD CHAMPIONS.

I'll take that over streakers any day of the week.

Oh yeah...and it was pretty entertaining watching them beat the Yankees and taking the penant last year too... :cheers:
F the Yankees. They won't even make the wild card. 1 Championship in 86 years is nice...but how does 2 in 2 years sound? I think it sounds pretty damn good.
Damn Sox...losing a couple the the Tigers and now the 1st one to the Angels. :readng: They better get it back on track. I had to bust out the Sox gear today to bring the spirits I'm rockin the BoSox shirt and hat w/ World Series logo.

Still the champs bitches!
How in the hell do you get shelled by the KC Royals? Can someone please explain that to me? Schilling...WTF? :cursin:
Detroit is always primed for a good slapping. 2 out of 3 from those suckers. Repect the World Champs!

Now the lowly D-Rays come to town. A sweep of these jokers would be nice. I'm just not comfortable with a 1.5 game lead on the Yankers. F the Yankees.
Tito is on the verge of becoming the next Grady Little. Shoot...we woulda been back to back champs if the jag woulda took Petey out when the rest of the Nation saw he was losing his stuff.

C'mon Tito, get it together.
tC Driver said:
you sox fans always find something to bitch about huh? :disapp:
You're in first place and you don't have to worry about not making the playoffs.
So relax :cheers:
Damn right, no worries. :hug:

For some reason I can't post pics in the gallery. I can give you a link to (gasp) 'another' forum if you wanna see a couple...
:readng: It seems the BoSox have gained a game on the dreaded Yankees. 2.5 up is ok with me. I look to increase that lead as we head into September. Schill looked a little rocky again last nite but he'll come around when it matters the most...
Fenway is a great place to see a game. Now, I haven't sat in the General Electric luxary suite, but I'd take pretty much any seat in the park any day of the week.

On another note...Schilling pretty much sucks this year. He better get his act together by playoff time. C'mon Schill, we need you MF'er.
tC Driver said:
:disapp: I've never sat in any of the luxury suites or anything like that at fenway but every other time I've been the seats are made for people under 6'.
I like to watch the redsox play every now and then but at the end of the game I can barely walk. :cry:

No doubt man. I was up there a few weeks ago...for a game against the White Sox. First and only time I've ever been there...I'm from PA. I had bleacher seats....great view, bad leg room. On top of that I had the fattest, ugliest guy in Boston sitting next to me, crowding my already tight leg room. No good.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, Boomer Wells is one of them. But if he goes the distance and gets the win I can live with that.
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