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Red Sox are on a tear

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Sox are starting to come together, looking good after slapping around the "best team in baseball" the chicago white sox, for two games ,,,,,,,,,still a few problem areas with pitching but once Faulk gets back in the closer role and shilling gets back in the rotation , well be firing on all cylenders......... :dthumb:
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If key sox players can stay healthy (manny, ortiz etc) , I see another world series win..... :cheers:
tC Driver said:
Call me crazy but I think the WS Champs this year will come out of the NL unless the Chi Sox win it
Your Crazy :cheers:
Ace said:
and the Lions will win the Super Bowl XXL
no the patriots will win the superbowl.......
sure.......odds right now are 5-1 for the pats to win the super bowl...Ill take those odds from ya....

and mean while, tonight the redsox are gonna slap detroit around tonight.....wanna bet on that :lol:
WTF, cant beleive schilling blows the game to these guys.... :bonk: :bash: :bash: :bash: :cursin:
tC Driver said:
theres no way he can pitch the way he did last year cuz #1 he's older and way more injury prone this year. Plus his fastball is.... :nonod: .......yo know :disapp:
he's thrown 94-95 mph on some outings this season, and i think hes 9 for 11/12 in saves, but last night his fastball was at 90/91 mph and he got hammered, he's been hammered for the last 3 outings, which isnt a problem if he was a starter but is with a 2 run lead in the 9th...

time for him to get back in the starting rotation and for timlin to take over the closer role till foulke gets back,,,,,,, one of the starters will take over for middle releif and all will be fine in redsox nation.....
Dam, sox pulled this one out...too bad the needed 7 runs in the 10th inning to do it.......but a win is a win and the yankees lost so back up to 4 1/2 games up in first :cheers: :crazy:
marko138 said:
Damn Sox...losing a couple the the Tigers and now the 1st one to the Angels. :readng: They better get it back on track. I had to bust out the Sox gear today to bring the spirits I'm rockin the BoSox shirt and hat w/ World Series logo.

Still the champs bitches!
its a sad day in red sox nation :nonod: :cursin: :cursin:
slappin detroit around now...9-6 :cheers:
marko138 said:
Detroit is always primed for a good slapping. 2 out of 3 from those suckers. Repect the World Champs!

Now the lowly D-Rays come to town. A sweep of these jokers would be nice. I'm just not comfortable with a 1.5 game lead on the Yankers. F the Yankees.
me neither, 1 1/2 games is not enough to keep those yankee bastards out of first place...all is not well with redsox nation...our starting pitching is a problem as is the bullpen...and that "rain man" coach of ours if pathetic...he plays people that shouldnt even be there (millar for one) and leaves pitchers in there way too long.....he is horrible and they won last year despite him, but im not too sure about this year.....
am going to the redsox game tomorrow the good thing is im gonna be in the General Electric private luxury boxes...14 of us are going to see the sox vs baltimore...should be great...

I went to the celtics game last year at GE's luxury box at thefleet center and it was food, booze etc...

ill take some pics so the little people can see how the big boys enjoy the games.... :crazy: :dthumb:
great way to watch a redsox game, in the luxury boxes at fenway park,,,,,too bad they lost to daughter was at the game too, she was sitting behind home plate....great night, tons of food , drink, icecream and great seats all for nothing,,,,,,thanks to the general electric luxury suite at fenway park......

few pics
marko138 said:
Fenway is a great place to see a game. Now, I haven't sat in the General Electric luxary suite, but I'd take pretty much any seat in the park any day of the week.

On another note...Schilling pretty much sucks this year. He better get his act together by playoff time. C'mon Schill, we need you MF'er.
fenway is an awesome place to see a game, hardly any bad seats (except the obstructed view ones) and as good as the luxury box seats are , there are thousand of seats better to view the game, since their a lot closer to the field....but its just so nice of a park right in the middle of boston

now back to the sox...this week is a biggie, we got the angels this week and the yankees are comming in fro the weekend...shilling didnt look all that bad yesterday but he has a little more work to get back into shape where hes gonna be dominant, and im not sure he is going to be his dominant self...but wells is pitching good right now and if one more can step up and pitch the way their suppose to then well be ok...but if they play like they did yesterday this week we could be in 2nd place and struggling to make the wild card........
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Sox leading the yankees 3-1 :dthumb:

freaken Wells.....3-3 now
if the sox dont get their crap together, they may not even make the playoffs...gonna be an intense 2 weeks :yikes:
marko138 said:
:cry: It hurts. Dammit, it hurts. But quite frankly, they didn't deserve it. This season was bull****. Squander away a Division lead. Again, no pitching, no defense, no hitting. That doesn't win ball games.

They scored 3 runs in game 3...from 2 guys. Poppi and ManRam. 2 guys can't carry an entire team. :tt: :nonod:

The worst part about it was watching the White Sox celebrate at Fenway...alot like we did in NY last year. F that. :bash:

The Yankees will lose tonite and go home too. Then I MIGHT watch the world series. But probably not.
yup, pretty depresed myself....they needed a coach to pull them though this season and they had a moron for a coach...they should have finished up the season well in first place and should have beaten the white sox (white sox did play good, not takeing that away from them) but it was a hard pill to swallow...but us redsox fans are used to this,,,,,,its just too bad cause it should not have ended like this.... :tt:
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