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Registration/Ownership question

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Bought the gixer on April 9th. Contract was written up to make payments on the 10th of each month. Here it is the 5th of May, and the credit union that is supposed to be funding the loan, doesn't even have anything in their system stating that the loan was issued. When I went down there, the lady said that dealership is notorious for not sending in their contracts and for me to bring back my copy of the contract, and she can process it, and cut me the check.

Here's the important note that I didn't tell her. They wrote up the contract with the wrong VIN number.

Do you think that this is what is stopping any paperwork from processing including the insurance? I haven't received anything from anyone (but hey, I got the bike). Or should I just wait a bit more?
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Have some integrity jeez. Unless your gonna race it :lol:
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