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jdog said:
Just about everything w/a motor is meant for speed. Isn't that the purpose of such things. To get somewhere faster than walking. These dumasses actually go to college to write that shiznit? :cursin: RIP suzuki rider
Amen dog. I could put nitrous on my lawnmower and call it a lawnmower built for speed. What about all the idiots in Mustangs and cars like that? Do we ever hear about them? They are trying to give sportbikes a bad rap. I saw to them - blow me. Absolutely stupid - why not compare how many safe riders vs. how many idiots. I am sure they would find out that they are FAR more safe riders than not - they are just a few bad apples in the bunch. If they did the same with sport cars it would be a different story - I know for a fact fatality rates are very high for corvette owners. Plus how many riders that do this, like the Wisconsin 205mph Honda 100 or whatever are not licensed - this puts them into the category of criminals in the first place - they are breaking the law. So, should we - the legal safe riders, suffer because of their stupidity? I think not. But the media, whom I despise more than anything because they are full of it and that is another discussion, twists and warps people's opinion for their own agendas. I would have to say F**& the media and this idiot that wrote this stupid f'in article. I could go on but very few are reading by now anyways and I have to go drink some whiskey to forget about the stupidity that runs amuck in this world. Thank God for whiskey.
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