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Riding boots for vertically challenged female :)

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Ok they are getting ready to raise my bike up 2 inches = 1 link

I need to get that 2 inches back, any ladies know where I could get some boots with thick soles? :dthumb:
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To be honest, there's not any really good boots with women that are made with thicker soles. It truly stinks!

My solution when I used to ride on the street were sketchers boots. They had an extra inch or so on the sole and they were fairly rigid boots that came over my ankles. It is not the best solution to riding boots, but until you get used to having your bike raised back up again, that may help. Just a thought.

Thanks Laura

One of my friends also suggested that I get soles added to my SIDI boots... I havent found a place that would do it yet..but I am still looking...also daytona's will give you about an extra 1 1/4 extra height :dthumb:
pickle.of.doom said:
There was a picture in RRX of one of the USGP umbrella girls wearing a pair of Alpinestars with a 4 inch sole. Maybe A*'s sells some platform riding boots :)

... or else you could get a job as an umbrella girl and steal em!
LOL you mean an umbrella girl like this?

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pickle.of.doom said:
Yeah there you go... Now find the girl with the boots and lure her into the ladies room or something, and tham BAM, you got some boots :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Earlzach said:
Why are you raising it?
to take it to the track
Earlzach said:
Is it too low due to a track rule?
its too low that when I go for a lean position the case cover drags and foot pegs

I've scraped case cover and dragged some foot pegs and scared the crap outta me
Earlzach said:
Thicker soles will change the feeling in your ride it will bring your knees way up you wont feel right. If it was just for a track day Can you raise the bike there and start off on a block or something? Once your up nothing will feel different but if you have on men in drag shoes it will draw your attention to that and mess up where you should be consentrating. :2cents:
Shifters can be change to adjust to the height of the soles of the boots.

Currently I ride with sneakers on.. and I am on my tip tip toes standing at 5'0. With my new SIDI boots it leaves me standing at 5'1. I sat on my bike and it really was no difference. I think I am going to have them add at least 2 inches in sole to them.

With a track day that is true about the block and all but I also want to ride in the street and the mountains. I mean 2 inches of sole shouldnt be that much of a difference. I got this idea from another short female track rider :dthumb:

Wish me luck though
Gas Man said:
Seroisly...why don't you get some type of stripper boots...
So you think I can ride in this?

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