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Riding my arse

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On my home from work this week, some Buick wants to get all up on me. I don't like it. So, we're stopped at a light and I turn around and point at the distance between my tire and his bumper :nono: , then shrug my shoulders like :wtf:

This, of course, throws him by suprise. I probably looked intimidating too because of the mirrored shield and leathers... who knows?

Anyway, he looks at me like he's all apologetic. :sorry: I take off, and he stays waaaay back. I think he learned his lesson. :D
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Way to go for you Shan. I have had the same thing happen before and did the same thing. Once I even sat there for an extra moment to let him know I was pretty pi$$ed that he was on my arse like that. he did the same and stayed back.
Need4Speed750 said:
yeah, people suck..nothing like having 2 tons of steel right on the arse of a 400 pound 2 wheeler!!! :rant: You're lucky he learned his lesson and didnt keep doing like others we've encountered already.. you practically have let them pass, then fly up beside them and give them the traditional, You're #1 sign, till the get the picture!! :screwy:

I love the universal #1 sign. They get the point. :)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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