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Ok, I figure that most people on here are at the show in Carlisle (sp) that's why nobody's really been posting.

So I guess everyone is out riding. I went riding today. Found some nice roads around here to ride on. I went with like 30-40 people that I didn't know and the only ones that I really got along with were the people from like my "neighborhood" so to speak. I mean like the ones that live close to me.

Two funny things about that:

1. Myself and the people from my "neighborhood" were the only ones who wore full gear (gloves, jacket, lid, jeans, boots). I know, I know, jeans are not like "full gear" but we don't have the money right yet to go get leathers. Plus, most of the people around here are not racers, just like the average riders.

2. Out of the entire group of 40 people, I was the ONLY YAMAHA there! I was so happy. Most were on Gixxers, Hondas and Kawis. It was good though.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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