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Ok Guys.... Heres The Deal!!!

I was going to Wait to post this But I had a Meeting With The city Of River Rouge... And Since My mom works for the city they have came to me and asked Me to set it up!! I am going to post this now..

Last Year The River Rouge Show Was at a Park that everyone had a hard time finding... All that Has changed.... The Show this year is on West Jefferson Right in the front Of Memorial Park...There will be a carnival and festival going on (so you can bring the kids!!)... Rides, Beer Tents, games, everything you can imagine...

The road is a 5 lane + road... they have shut down 1/4 Mile of the road for the show..

The Show is to begain at 2 pm right after the City parade. And goes to 8 at night.

This show is going to consist of 50's, 4 Wheelers, Street Bikes, and what ever else you can stunt!!!

I am Personally Inviting all of the following people to come out!!!
The Whole crew from M50M, DV8, Scooter Trash, Disturbed Riders, DSR, And the DownRiver Riderz. And a few specail guest riders that dont belong to teams.

I have already spoken to sonic jay,Nick Hill and a few other people about this... everyone says they are game to come out and ride and have fun!!!

If you were at this show last year you know how much fun it will be this year, espically in front of a crowd of people, and bigger area to ride!!!
It was one of the biggest shows and most exciting shows of last year!!!

Rules: If you want to ride in this event.

1) You must sign a waiver.

2) Please Email Me @ [email protected] so I can kinda of get a list of whose coming.

3) if you ride a big bike or a 4 wheeler You must wear a Helmet.

4) If you want a booth to sell merchandise please let me know soon so I can reserve you a booth.

I am going to try and Call the news and see if they will cover this event... Probably channel 7 news since they did the Scooter Trash Story.

I also am going to try and Have Speed Style Sound Magazine come out and take some photos and hang out also.

So heres the Info:
What: River Rouge Stunt Show
Where: River Rouge Mi 48218 In front of Memorial Park
When Sep 4th 2004
Time 2pm-8pm maybe longer if people want to stay and ride at night..
Full Carnival, Beer Tents, Rides...

If anyone has any questions... or idea let me know!!!!

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Heres The Map Of the Area For the Show... Now when Coming Down West Jefferson there Will Be Barricades In the street... Just ask the police to open them up for you to park in the assigned parking area!!!!

Booths and tents to Sell items to spectators maybe set up on the same side as the spectators side facing the spectators against the curb of the Stunt Area..

Directions To the Show:

From I-75
take I-75 To the Schaffer Rd South Exit. Then Take Schaffer South To West Jefferson. Aprox 4 miles. Make a Right On W.Jefferson Go Down 1 Mile and there the show is.

From I-94
Take i-94 to Schaffer Rd South exit. Then Take Schaffer South To West Jefferson. aprox 8 miles Make a Right On W.Jefferson Go Down 1 Mile and there the show is.

Any Questions please feel free to ask!!!

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!!!!!!!!!!!!New Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the Stunt Show there is a Party @ The Yacht Club/Club Called Pier 500. Pier 500 is located 5 Miles Down from the Stunt Show!!!!

This party is open to everyone who wants to come after the Stunt Show...
The Party will start around 9-10.... Or when ever we leave the stunt show... We are going to be heading directly over to the club to tear it up!!!!


From The Stunt Show...
Just Head west on W.Jefferson for 5 miles. As soon as you Cross the bridge entering into Wyandotte it will be on your Left Hand Side!!!!

If anyone has any questions let me know......

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Please Read

Okay It is 1 week from the Show!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited about the show... SO far we have passed out over 5000 flyers, ads in newspapers, Ad's all over the internet and tons of word of mouth promotions... I am so excited we should have a great turn out..

I Want to cover a few points before the show for everyone that is coming.

Just remeber things always can change in life but hopefully they will remain as close as to planned as possible!!!

1. The Directions to the show are in the First post on the sticky

2. If you Plan on setting up a booth please come there at Noon so that way we can all setp the booths and no one is running around at the last minute and we can all have fun!!

3. As Far as parking.. Its is setup for the riders of the show to park in the deignated area on the mad in the earlier post in the sticky thread. As far as people watching parking will be all around the park.. Hopefully we will not have tons of issues with parking problems.

4. Everyone and I mean Everyone who plans on being inside the stunting area. MUST SIGN THE WAIVER. I dont care if you are only takin pictures you must sign the waiver. NO ONE IS TO START UP A BIKE UNTIL THEY SIGN THE WAIVER. THIS NOT NEGOTIABLE. I have spent lots of time with the insurance company and city and lots of my own personal money for this show to happen.

5. Please be respectful of everyone around you and lets all try to be safe as possible.. I know what we do is dangerous but lets all try to go home in one piece.

6. I told some groups that they can do High Speed Stunts in the show.. If this is you.. Please wait till the area is completly cleared before high spped stunts are to commence.

7. Will be going in a circular direction at the stunt show. Please do not decide to cut across the stunting area. If you are going to park you bike please ride around in the direction to your parking area.

8. There will be beer here at the show at the beer tent. NO DRINKING IF YOU ARE RIDING YOUR BIKE... THIS IS NOT AN OPTION NOR NEGOTIABLE!!

9. If you Break a cover or something starts leaking out please get it over to the side and shortest route as fast as possible... we do not want fluids on the stunt area!!!

Thank You And i cant wait to see everyone there

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Damn!! Im just too far away, and have to work..well, not to far away, would be a nice ride for me and DJ...but have to work..UGH :(
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