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Road Kings the movie

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This movie may just be to deep for me. I wasnt impresed.
Anybody else see it?
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I don't know if it ever made it to the big screen or not. I just found it in the Video store. I'm very glad I didn't pay for theater tickets.
Its very close to the old Easy Rider movie. I thought it was shown way to much in documentary forum. The acting sucked for the most part. The bike action was none existent. They were some nice Gixxers 1100's thou.
JK_DILLA said:
if those guys want to get away from it all... georgia or tennessee or where ever they went south, is not the place.
I'm still trying to figure out why the went from L.A. to D.C. by way of N.C. :scratch:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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