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Roads to ride in florida?

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:twfrox: Just wondering were some goods roads are at. Found some in a area called clearmont that is prity popular, but there are to many cops to keep in mind :dupe: . but this weakend we found some others to go. Form orlando take I-4 to Daytona and get of on 46 to sanford but stay in the left lane till the stop light. then take a left and your on 46. take that all the way into the small town of mount plymouth and turn left on to 435 and have fun!!!!! For a map go to yahoo maps and type in the town of mount plymouth and that 435 shows up on the map.

P.S. Carefull on that one beacuse the turn get pritty tight and we had a buddy crash this weekend tring to keep up. :smash: But other weise that road rocks. :luck:
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katanapilot can tell you some good roads to ride and I know Bee can as well since he has gotten to ride while the rest of us are waiting. :dthumb:
bumblebee said:
Yes Sir...we have some pretty good roads to ride need to get out of Central Florida...come up to the Big Bend and I'll show you some good roads

I'll remember this when i come down. :dthumb:
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