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Rocking Christmas music!

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Has anybody heard of Trans-Siberian Orchestra (The band formally known as Sabotage)?

If you love hard rock and or Heavy Metal. This is the Christmas music for you.

Click here for the sample page.

There are some cool videos also.

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they were in town a week or so ago. I wanted to see them.

If anyone is like me, you mothers break out the XMas music box on Dec 1, 12:01am. NONSTOP X MAS MUSIC FOR A MONTH, FOR 20 YEARS!!! I can only take the "barking dogs Jingle Bells" so many times before it actually pisses me off! The only Xmas album I own is the original soundtrack to Charlie Brown X Mas. Its one of my favorite CD's too bad its seasonal. I might have to pick up the Trans Siberian Orchestra CD. Some good heavy metal x mas music is what i need! :lol:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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