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Rossi = Alien

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The guy just doesn't lose. He'll never lose a GP championship for a LONG time. All these up and comers and old riders alike, such as Giberneau, Hopkins, Hayden, Biaggi, etc. They're so far out of his league day in and day out they don't have a prayer. You know Sete wanted a little payback on that last lap and he couldn't even get close. When Rossi decides to go balls out, nobody's touching him. Un f'n believable. :crazy:
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pickle.of.doom said:
Most dominant racer ever?
I would have to say along with Schumacher he is. I'm a huge Earnhardt Sr fan, but I've never seen anyone in NASCAR dominate like that either. I mean, nobody even has a shot at winning a championship.

Look at someone like Matt Mladen, just dominating his league. And if I remember correctly, Nikky Hayden got the best of him more often than not. In his 3rd year in GP, Hayden's used to the bike and courses and he's still not even close to Rossi.

I'd love to see some of the Americans win from time to time, but it's just not going to happen unless Rossi goes down or has a mechanical problem.
Jimi Hendrix reincarnated as an Italian GP racer. :lol: "Dese are the laces." :lol: :crazy:
If Schwantz was younger he's the only one that would come close, IMO.
JK_DILLA said:
Some tasks just fit perfectly into a persons functions, and motorcycling fits Rossi's. If he was autistic id call him a motorcycle savant :lol:
"Definitely run the 4 stroke on Sundays, always on Sundays."

"Hey, Rossi, what was your lap time here last year?"

"Which lap?"

"Your best lap. ."

"2 minutes 42 seconds point two four. Point two four." :rofl:
Late last night my g/f and I were watching Two Wheel Tuesday and they recapped his interview from last week. It's hilarious b/c if he showed up in pretty much any bar or club here in the U.S., even the ugliest women in the bar wouldn't look twice at him. However, anywhere else in the world he's nailing supermodels.

We have great conversations. :lol:
Chuckademus said:
A couple of years ago, I was in a crowded pub in Sydney, and this bloke walks in, with a few others. I looked at him for a minute, went up to him and asked him if he was Andrew Pitt, which he was. He was, at the time, the current World Supersport Champion, and on his way to begin testing the Kwaka GP bike at Phillip Island. He asked me who I was there with, and when I said my mates had all left (softcocks!!!!), he invited me to keep drinking with them.

If a V8 Supercar driver (domestic comp, boring as ****e, and a bunch of wankers) walked in, there would have been a riot. This guy was a World Champion, and no-one recognised him (apart from me, and 1 other guy).

The public at large are as thick as ...............something really thick!!

That's a cool story.

Something along those lines happened to me here. I was at a trade show several years ago and Galaxy Telecom was showing there. At there booth was their Busch Series car along with their driver Kevin Schwantz.

Much of what you'd hear was, "Oh, he's just Busch series, I doubt he'll make it to Winston Cup." Nobody had a clue what he'd done on bikes. . anywhere else in the world it'd be a damn near riot.
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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