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Roz's pictures from RA

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First we meet the suzuki team at a grand opening at some motorcycle shop :)

Me and the love of my life.. Ben Spies :D

Mr. Aaron Yates

Mr. Kevin Scwhantz

After that we went to a afterparty at the Pie :)..ok its was just us and not really an after party LOL

For Saturday and Sunday here are some mixed pictures :)

Me and my friend Amanda

Yates get off..he was in second position right before this :( but it let ben bump up to 2nd :D

Jake and Miguel Battling Formula 1 racing

Some real expensive bikes

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JayMax said:
The Geico lizard also got mad love as well, and I mean that in a disturbing way as well. It was very frightening to see what grown adults will do with a big green blow up lizard for some photos. Brrr....
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Nice pics! Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for postin 'em. :dthumb:
pickle.of.doom said:
Nice pics! Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for postin 'em. :dthumb:

But who's the HOTT BLONDE?? :drool:
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and why is that guy hugging the other? :scratch:
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