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RUI website..

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we're a new group from MA. Just put up the website last month.

let me know what ya'll think?:twfrox:
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im adam. thx for the feedback. always tryin to improve it.

im the only one on here....i think. i try to keep up with everything and everyone motorcycle related.

gotta have lots of contacts and lots of info to run your own shop. (hint hint) lol

anyway. yah we should def. exchange links.
thanks a lot. we're dying for spring so we can get practicing, to step the skillz up of course. :cheers:

but i still gotta get my stunt bike together lol. i havent even got the engine oout of the frame for powdercoating yet.:cry:
that means i still have to put it back together. AAHHHHH:willy:
rider76 said:
Do you ride a 929?

umm arrr ya serious??

yes(if you are) i have a nice fullfairing 2000 929. and a naked (soon to be) streetfightere 2001 929. <thats my "stunt" bike.
jeeps84 said:
Looks good! I was actually checking it out from your MySpace page.:dthumb:
i dont have a myspace page. maybe miller does, but i doubt it.
im really excited about that I really am dying for spring!!!

jellylocorui said:
hey thanks man this site feels all warm and fuzzy set up a lot like stuntlife huh
its the same forums (vbulletin), which also happens to be the same forum we are running on

but thats the only way its like stuntlife, because theres less hating and puffing out of the chests! haha.
1 - 7 of 28 Posts
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