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RUI website..

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we're a new group from MA. Just put up the website last month.

let me know what ya'll think?:twfrox:
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I like the site. WHat I don't like is the yellow font in your bios. Do it all in white... it is really hard on the eyes.

Beyond that it looks great!

Which guy are you?

Are the other guys on here as well?

We need to get you guys on here and get TWF on your links page!
929... why don't you get the other guys to come over here and post up?? (hint hint)
Lets see some more pics of these machines... especially the streetfighter version!!
:welcome: jelly!! Glad to have ya....
Hey... :twfrox: more than anything else on the net... but then again I might be a bit bias... :D
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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