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SATO or Graves rearsets

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I got a chance to win some SATO or Graves rearsets. Anyone have experience w/ these or heard anything about 'em. The graves are up to 202.50 w/ 3 days left and the SATO's are up to 103 w/ 23 hours left. My bid now is on the Graves but don't think it'll last 4 days. The SATO's I might have a chance to win. What are your thought's?

The Graves are the black ones.
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You can retract your bid on the graves if you win the sato's.

That shows how you can do it. I wouldn't do this unless you have a good reason though. Bidding before 2 seconds left is useless anyway. It will go up.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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