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SATO or Graves rearsets

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I got a chance to win some SATO or Graves rearsets. Anyone have experience w/ these or heard anything about 'em. The graves are up to 202.50 w/ 3 days left and the SATO's are up to 103 w/ 23 hours left. My bid now is on the Graves but don't think it'll last 4 days. The SATO's I might have a chance to win. What are your thought's?

The Graves are the black ones.
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I like the SATO ones better but then again I haven't heard much bad about graves either... graves have also been one of the more popular brands for many years.
Yeah..well then the Graves might be better for more adjustability!!

Twisty will have a good opinion on this as well...
jeeps84 said:
Did you win?:tt:
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