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SATO or Graves rearsets

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I got a chance to win some SATO or Graves rearsets. Anyone have experience w/ these or heard anything about 'em. The graves are up to 202.50 w/ 3 days left and the SATO's are up to 103 w/ 23 hours left. My bid now is on the Graves but don't think it'll last 4 days. The SATO's I might have a chance to win. What are your thought's?

The Graves are the black ones.
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Gas Man said:
I like the SATO ones better but then again I haven't heard much bad about graves either... graves have also been one of the more popular brands for many years.
Yeah, unfortunately I bid on the Graves before I saw the SATO's. Hopefully someone will outbid me on the Graves and I'll see if I can save ont the SATO's. The Graves are adjustable though. We'll see. Thanks G-Man.
twisty said:
i like the vortex. If you want a set I can get for 300 hun new
Little too steep for the wallet right now. Can you get this deal all the time? Just in case i get outbided.
Status: The SATO's went up to 130 now and I'm still winning the Graves.
VolEngineer said:
You can retract your bid on the graves if you win the sato's.
How do I do that?
VolEngineer said:
You can retract your bid on the graves if you win the sato's.
Well I took your word and I'm winning the SATO's at 150 and change w/ 11 hours to go. We'll see what happens.
SVupON1 said:
they will go way up there by the end of the auction. Probably $300 or so.
Which ones?
Just been outbid on the Graves.
wELL, i'M GOOD ON THE sato'S UP TO 250.
Well I'm all about the Sato's now. The price is at 202.50 w/ 3 hours left. Hopefully it'll hold out. If not, Twisty I'm gonna get some Vortex action. Just gotta check the budget.
twisty said:
Yeah vortex rock. If anyone wants a set 300 bucks plus shipping...
I gots 1 hour left on the sato's @ 202.50. I'll let you know if i need 'em. You got the black?
No some guy bid at the last second and won. Oh well. I gotta pay the bills then see how much I gots for the Vortex. It's my girls b-day tomorrow but the expensive gift is out the way. It's probable that i'll get the Vortex.
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