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Scorpion Helmets

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This is for anyone who has actually rode with a Scorpion helmet. be honest, how well do the vents work?
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Well I don't really have much to compare it to, but I always thought they worked pretty good. I never had any problems with my head getting hot or anything... as long as I was moving it stayed nice and cool and dry
Gas Man said:
I have...somebody on here, can't remember who SORRY, said they broke their lid shield like twice with simple drops... breaking the entire flipping mechanism or somin....

Besides, what would you know... you anti- :whore:
Hmmm.... yea who was that anyways... :whistle:

But I must correct you, as I was not complaining or talking bad about it. I loved the helmet and it served me great, but when it gets dropped from 3-4 feet onto concrete and lands right on the visor mechanism, of course it's gonna break, it's plastic! It's not like it broke just from normal everyday use, it broke because it was dropped... no suprise. Unlike my current HJC where the visor is solid and the mechanisms are underneath, the Scorpion has 2 large holes on each side of the visor and the mechanisms (the little knobs) stick out through the holes, so they're exposed if it gets dropped on the side like mine did. As long as it's not dropped, they work just fine, and are by far one of the easiest and fastest quick change visor mechanisms I've ever used
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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