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Seat height

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I've seen a bunch of threads about lowering the seat or suspension so that the rider's feet can be flat on the ground. How about buying a bike with a lower seat from the beginning? No, not a cruiser.

Looking at some of the (2004) magazine tests, you probably don't want a KTM 950 (36.7 seat height) or Suzuki V-Strom (32.7). Aprilia doesn't make a street bike under 32 inches. Here's some good choices: Honda's 599 is like a sensible CBR, with a ride height of 30.5, and so is Kawasaki's Ninja 500. Suzuki's 600 Katana is 30.9, and their 600 and 1200 Bandits are 31.1. Triumph's Thunderbird Sport is 30.5 and Yamaha's V-Max is 30.1. Yamaha's older YZF600R is a half inch shorter than their R6 (32.3).

Most aren't beginner bikes, but some may want to look at the Honda 599, a naked bike which is very popular in Europe.
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You have a good point NW. But my bike will have a 25" seat height... so that won't be a problem.
jeeps84 said:
Nope but, that reach to the bars and pegs will be a stretch.
Not really... my elbows aren't locked out unless I lean back and my knees are bent with my feet in front of me...
It's all good as long as its on 2 wheels!
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