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secret shopper

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okay it might be a girly job but by the looks of it it is a great great job for me!!!! i can do it when i have time and get paid whith the effort i put in and make my own hours

i am researching it but if anyof you guys or girls have ever done this then please pleaqse give me feed back and observations on it .... i hope this works out!!!!! :dthumb: :dthumb: :dthumb:
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You don't need any free meals thrown at you bull. You look healthy enough. At least get some heavier rated springs if you're gonna do it. :lol:
Good point DT.. Of course if they are giving out free food hook a brotha up.. Shoot me some info shytneck..
Good point about him not eating anymore as he is already "healthy".. lol.. That was all.. The shytneck part was addressed to bull to shoot me some info on how I can become a secret free eating mfr.. A mfr has to eat right?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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