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May 28, 2005 - An East Peoria man is in critical condition. Police say Timothy Schierer was hit by an ATV that his neighbor was driving.

Neighbors say Timothy Gauwitz was driving his four-wheeler on the 300 block of Maria when Schierer jumped in front of the moving vehicle.

Neighbor Jarrett Corcoran said, "Sounds like the guy on the ATV was coming down the street and the guy that got hurt was kinda playing a little surprise, playing a little game and jumped in front of the ATV and it was too late, the A-T-V just couldn't stop and hurt his friend."

Neighbors say this is not the first time the two men have driven their ATV's in the streets.

Authorities say Schierer suffered serious injuries to both of his legs.

Police have charged driver Timothy Gauwitz with a DUI and reckless driving.

What other kinds of games do you think these retards play in this neighborhood??
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