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Servin' it up 3

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Anyone got the video yet? I ordered it today, should be here in 7-10 days...I'll let ya know what i thik of it when i get it if u havent seen it...
For those who have.. what did u htink of it?
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Stunt video... go to
Stunts and some extra satuff.. like he has a shifter kart with a Duc 750 engine in it to toy with.. and a 280Z with race body and 650HP supercharged chevy 350 in it.... Bike stunts and other extreeme stuff
Got the movie today, watched it.....

Its OK too, doesnt have the scenes like i thought it would have or they described... but not bad, some good stunts nad extras.. like a 50CC bike tyring to jump a swimming pool.

A ducati powered shifter kart raicng a supercharged Z06 Vetter, and some nice drifting videos of a race prepped Viper.

May not be worth the 26$ shipped unless u really like stunt vid's. I wish it had more extras... that part of it had some pretty funny stuff.

But if u can wathc it andn ot pay 26$ go for it, its NOT a waste of time
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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