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Shark S800 Butterfly Helmet

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So this is what I got the wife yesterday. A Shark S800. Its a nice helmet with a dual treatment anti-fog. Both by chemical treated face shield and a great venting system. You can't eve fog it up in the store breathing on it.

Nice construction and looks really girly.

The only difference is that her butterfly's are tan/beige on a silver helmet. Instead of this being the tan helmet with the blue butterfly's. They even make a mirrored blue version as well.

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Come on now. You know you bought that for yourself.:lol:
I've looked at them in the past and my parts guy said they had numerous returns with faulty vents and visor hardware. He also said that they backed them up and replaced either the whole lid or at least the faulty hardware. Just a PITA do deal with so :luck:

BTW they don't sell them any more.
Gas Man said:
Don't sell them anymore... who your dealer?
Yea!:sorry: should have made that more clear.:bonk:
Gas Man said:
Yeah...well I like it better than almost any HJC I've picked up!
Wockman said:
Hmmm, do they sell men's helments there too?
They have a good looking line oh lids for both men and women. Mostly the normal style graphics.
Wockman said:
Yeah I know, I'm just jerking his chain because of the flowers on it. LOL:cheers:

They are great helmets, I like the vents on them.
:doh: I thought it was a serious questions.:lol:
ne1469 said:
Are Shark helmest as big as they look in pictures?? Ive never seen those Shark helmets in person, but they always looked huuuuuge in pictures.

Are they ridiculously heavy?
NO they are no larger than any other brand. I'm not getting technical with measurements either.
Pippi said:
Yes, finally! It only took them a year!! :crazy:
What was wrong with what?:scratch:
1 - 8 of 25 Posts
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