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Shark S800 Butterfly Helmet

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So this is what I got the wife yesterday. A Shark S800. Its a nice helmet with a dual treatment anti-fog. Both by chemical treated face shield and a great venting system. You can't eve fog it up in the store breathing on it.

Nice construction and looks really girly.

The only difference is that her butterfly's are tan/beige on a silver helmet. Instead of this being the tan helmet with the blue butterfly's. They even make a mirrored blue version as well.

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Gas Man said:
Yeah they are good.

Pippi I heard that they finally got yours all straight!
Yes, finally! It only took them a year!! :crazy:
Yeah that is crazy!!
man you can't post stuff like that, now my wife (RAE250) is going to want a new helment, oh well i guess. I need a new jacket anyways. HEHEHE:wink:
Hey at least this may help with the choosing... which should at least shorten the shopping time!
Pippi said:
Yes, finally! It only took them a year!! :crazy:
What was wrong with what?:scratch:
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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