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She's gone to a warmer place...

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Well JC Motors,actually their sub contractors picked up the 9R! :cry:

I'm sure Blade is beyond excited! It was pretty nice setup. Real nice pallet with eye loops on all four corners. Nice eye loop straps for all four corners and some non-ratchet straps. And a cover that will be good for a in garage cover. All of which Blade will be able to keep.

Here's some pics.

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Was that your cover or one they had. :scratch: I bet they did a better job with you standing there snapping pics. :lol:
I'm very excited :drool: , just waiting to see when they will have it to me..
Jeeps, the cover provided was not GMan's. I'm having the bike shipped to a port so as to save a couple of dollars and speed up delivery by a day or two. I get to keep the straps, tie downs, and the cover (which is fabric I believe). If I were to have it delivered to my door then I would be able to keep the pallet as well but I have no need for that anyways.

I hope they get it here before the weekend, as before they had said it would be here by wed or thurs. I don't really see wednesday happening but I hope thursday is still a possibility.. We shall see, I should be able to track it online once they've got it moving. Nothing updated online as of yet..
:sadwave: :seeya: Good Night 9R..:sadwave: :seeya: I'd hate to see a man loose his bike that way...but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.
I dont see why you shouldnt have it by the weekend. :dthumb: Its a two day trip from G Mans house to yours by truck. Add in delays for transferring load to another truck or just waiting on a truck going that direction will make the difference. :skep: :luck:
Yeah as Blade said...the straps, the tie downs, the cover, and the pallet can all be his!

Yeah it's a wierd feeling.. on one hand, I'm excited for Blade and excited to be one step closer to my chopper but I'm sad to see her go. She's a good bike, I just hope that Blade gives her a good home and keeps us updated on their happenings!
:lol: Blade enjoy, Gm move on :whistle:
pobrediablo said:
:lol: Blade enjoy, Gm move on :whistle:
Yeah pretty much!
The thread has been split due to off topic talk...

Shipping a MC....RANT!!!!
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