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She's Tough, Too...

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And Now...I know I am in Love!!!

Danica Patrick showed this year that she can race with the boys. Sunday, she may have proved she can fight with the boys, too.

At Sunday's final Indy car event of the season, Danica got into it with fellow Indy Racing League driver Jaques Lazier while the two rode together in the rescue vehicle after they crashed near the end of the Toyota 400 at California Speedway.

Patrick, who was running ninth at the time of the accident, felt Lazier was to blame for the wreck.

What exactly happened next?

Depends on whom you ask.

"The first person I saw after the accident was Jaques and that wasn't a good thing," Patrick told the Indianapolis Star. "I confronted him. I told him how I felt. I was mad at him."

And then she allegedly hit him in the face, causing the vehicle to stop as things got sorted out and the two were separated.

"My son hits harder than she does," Lazier, whose son is 4 years old, told the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

Patrick denied punching Lazier.

"I didn't do that," she told the Star. "I definitely yelled at him, but I didn't punch him.

"He's going to actually say he got beat up by a girl?"

The IRL said it will look into the situation.

"There are two sides to every story," IRL spokesman John Griffin told the Press-Telegram. "We will investigate."
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You've got to have attitude when you're doing what she does. :dthumb:
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